Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ten Guilty Pleasures of mines(Including pictures)

Ten Guilty Pleasures- We all have them. Some people willl not admit to theirs. 
But luckily this is my blog, and i will let you know my Ten Guilty Pleasures.

m.a.c Pictures, Images and Photos

1)I'm such a fan of makeup. Foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadows, blush, whatever it is i have it. 
Make up is however argued that girls my age should wear it.What i have to say about the 
issue is? Get over it! !(point blank period) My #1 guilty pleasure.

ROSCOES Pictures, Images and Photos

2. Most people already know about roscoes. But for those who don't, you must search 
and find out where the closest roscoes is located.Foreal!

Brittney Spears Pictures, Images and Photos
3.Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
Now with this guilty pleasure you smart comment is not to be included lol =]

 sesame street Pictures, Images and PhotosBarney Pictures, Images and Photos

4.While at work with the kids. I don't mind watching the newest episodes of sesame stree orwatching some of the various videos of  barney =]. Secrets are being unvailed today Pictures, Images and Photos

5.Reading online celeb gossip. We are all guilty of this pleasure. Although we all swear we don't care whether gail and oprah are together. If micheal jackson did it to another little kid. If Jon and Kate Gosselin Spend More Time Apart(Current lol). Luckily i get caught on the lastest celeb gossip in the convience of the grocery store check out line.

Jerkin Pictures, Images and Photos

6. The Dance that makes you get a work out Jerking.

This was a fun dance to watch. Looking at all the little hood kids jerking in the middle of the mean streets of crenshaw. This dance was actually a challenge(if you ask me). I will super glad when i grasp that concept of "Jerkin"

country music Pictures, Images and Photos

7. Country Music-  Don't judge me lol. I get pleasure out of listening to rascall flats, rissi palmer, taylor swift, and more. Before you knock it make sure you try it. =]

Rocky Road Pictures, Images and Photos

8.Ice Cream-Rocky Road please

Curling up under the covers after a long day at school. Watching re runs of the cosby show the jeffersons, and sandford and son. This is one guilty i am not ashamed of admitting <3

24 Pictures, Images and Photos

9.Skipping the Gym

Ah, yes, after i just layed there and ate a bunch of ice cream. I  know that Ishould be running on the treadmil. But sometimes i just don't feel that in my spirit lol.I'm working on me =] OH how 24 huor loves to get my money every month.
comedy central. Pictures, Images and Photos
10.Too many Jokes.  I must admit, i have a problem.
I crack to many jokes. Looking at that lady crazy because she looks like ceily from the color purple. That Fat guy that remined me of peter on family guy. =] Lol Jokes are always funny. Dont take life to seriouslty ;P

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