Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Chataira =]

Well today was the day that the lord saw fit to bring me into life!! =]
Hello guys I know its been a while since I have blogged.Well today was the day that the lord saw fit to bring me into life!! =]&& I came here to reflect on my year being 18. As with every other high school senior we do the whole prom scene, the last homecoming, cheering on our football team, kicking it with our closest friends and most importantly graduation. If you are a summer baby like me turning 18 is a plus. My high school years were full of tears and laughs. Thankfully at times more laughs than tears. Now that I have completed my first year in college, I can truly say that high school was just stepping stone to get with the big dogs College. With every birthday I have I take some time reflect on all the good things and all the bad things. I ask myself how have I changed What did I do when I was a year younger, and why I wont do it because I am a year older With me getting older how can I help others who are younger than me? With everything that I do God is the forefront, and he leads me to where I need to be and where I am suppose to be in Christ. I like to go by this little quote that states With God before me, Who can be against me? While teenagers are grow up(like myself) and trying to figure out their identity. What person are we suppose be? What are we suppose to do with our lives after high school? My high school graduation experience was something When they call your name and you know you did all that you were suppose to be doing. And youve come this far. Its such an amazing experience. My high school experience was one that I will never forget. When they called my name It was a special time but it did not register that I was a senior until they said we would like to introduce the culver city class of 2008, and tears began to flow as I walked off that stage for the last time. I have no other way to explain I feel but all I could say at the time was thank you lord. Shays graduation was nothing but God. For that he deserves all the glory and praises! If you have graduated then you understand where I am coming from. But now that I have turned 19 I am expecting bigger and better things in my life and in my spiritual life. I am making moves towards my marks Spiritual and worldly! So you guys watch out here comes Lady Shay!!

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